What We Do

At the growth scientist we bring scientific rigour to the activities of sales, marketing and any other activities that generate business growth.

Working with business leaders, typically in the range of $2M to $50M turnover, we help improve growth.

Engagements are open term so clients work with us for as long as they find helpful.

Whether you know how to grow your business, or you are not so sure? As long as you want to grow your business further then the growth scientist is worth a no obligation conversation. You never know how much we may be able to help!

How we work with you

We help business people who want to drive more growth in their business.


Measure and Evaluate your current growth processes

Of your 20+ growth activities which are performing best?

Of your 20+ growth activities which are performing worst?

Of your 20+ growth activities which are you doing regularly?

How many growth activities regular occur in your business? 

How often do you measure your growth activities? Weekly? Monthly? Annually? Other? Not at all?

How do measure your growth against your business planning? 

Would the measurement show your are growing as your planned? Or?

If you want help with asking or evaluating these questions, we are here to help!

Identify areas to focus your growth on

How many of your growth activities deliver for your business?

How do you rank or prioritise your growth activities?

What growth activities could you or should you stop doing?

How have you determined the answers to the three question above?

If you want help asking or answering these questions, we are here to help!

Create a bespoke plan to achieve growth

Do you have a growth business plan for your business?

Have you updated the growth business plan within the last 12 months?

How much would your business benefit for a growth plan? 

Perhaps you have these questions to ask or answer? Or if fact your have any questions about your businesses growth, then we are here to help!


Ways to work with us

Growth Mentor / Coach

Utilise our actionable insights and bespoke growth plans to achieve your goals.

Growth Partner / Player Coach

We work with you to action changes within your growth plan.


We know all businesses are different. Create an arrangement that works for you.

Lets Start your growth discussion

Can the growth scientist help your business with its growth? Lets start a conversation to see if we can help?